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Uprising at Larned Correctional, Kansas

November 6, 2018: A series of fights led to a riot in all five units of the Central Facility, leading to “extensive damage” to all of them. Kansas Department of Correction spokesman Samir Arif stated that “the fights were contained to the living unit pods. Some inmates were not responsive to officer orders and began trying to break windows and furniture within the living unit.”

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2018 National Prison Strike

August 21 – September 9, 2018 (exact dates vary based on location): Prisoners with Jailhouse Lawyers Speak and other organizations issued 10 national demands with a call to action for work stoppages, sit-down strikes, hunger strikes and boycotts of the commissary. Organizers stated that the strike was organized in response to the riot at Lee Correctional Institution in South Carolina that resulted in the violent deaths of seven prisoners.

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Uprising at El Dorado Correctional Facility, Kansas

July 1, 2018: After an altercation in the prison yard between a prisoner and guards, 75-100 prisoners smash an estimated 40 windows, setting fires in multiple classrooms and taking over radio communication devices. The uprising lasts four and a half hours. One year prior, the same facility saw two consecutive uprisings.

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Hunger Strike at Leavenworth Detention Center, Kansas

April 30, 2018 – (end date unknown): According to the media outlet Liberation, “approximately two-thirds of the prisoners in the pre-trial detention facility participated in the first day of the hunger strike, leading the administration to extend a break time that day and to promise improvements to the food in the days to come.”

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Uprising at Norton Correctional Facility, Kansas

September 5, 2017: More than 400 prisoners participate in a “huge riot” destroying prison property, overturning an emergency medical response vehicle, and fighting guards with homemade weapons. Officials later estimate the damage to the prison at $80,000.

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Uprising at El Dorado Correctional Facility, Kansas–Part 2

June 29, 2017: When prisoners are released from lockdown following their rebellion earlier in the week, they immediately begin a protest of prison conditions. Around 120 prisoners occupy the prison yard and refuse orders to return to their cells. They break into an office and distribute “security and office equipment” amongst themselves.

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Uprising at El Dorado Correctional Facility, Kansas–Part 1

June 24, 2017: 70 prisoners, finding the doors unexpectedly unlocked, leave their housing unit and refuse orders to return. Eventually, prisoners return to their cells, but place objects in the way of the doors, preventing them from securing. They make weapons from broom and mop handles. They set fires, attack surveillance cameras and break into an office.

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Uprising at Butler County Jail, Kansas

July 10, 2016: Prisoners take control of the dining hall and refuse to return to their cells. They tip over tables, destroy surveillance equipment and set off fire extinguishers in an uprising that sparked by low quality food.

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