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Food Strike at California State Prison, Corcoran

June 27, 2019-ongoing: At least half of the prisoners in the 3C unit of the California State Prison, Corcoran began a food strike on June 27 in protest of a change in prison policy that would take kitchen jobs away from general population and give them to prisoners in protective custody, according to multiple sources. Prisoners are refusing state-issued “trays” but are instead eating bag lunches provided by the prison.

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Hunger Strike at Adelanto Detention Facility, California

March 14, 2019: Approximately 150 immigrant detainees participated in a coordinated food strike at one of the largest privately run immigrant detention facilities in the county, owned and operated by Geo Group. The detainees refused to go to the cafeteria for a regularly-scheduled meal and then a smaller number began a hunger strike.

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Food Strike at Coyote Ridge Corrections Center, Washington

February 1 – February 26, 2019 (exact end date unknown): The majority of the prisoners at Coyote Ridge Corrections Center launched a hunger strike to protest cold “breakfast boats” that they say are primarily sugar. A breakfast boat is a boxed meal that is given to prisoners with their evening meal, usually with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a muffin, bran bar, cereal and powdered milk.

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2018 National Prison Strike: Ohio

August 21-September 17, 2018 (exact end date uncertain): According to Central Ohio IWOC, at least two prisoners, David Easley and James Ward, go on hunger strike on August 21 in response to a call for a national prison strike and in protest of violence by correctional officers at their institution and lack of healthcare for prisoners. According to IWOC, Toledo Correctional confirms that some prisoners are refusing meals but does not confirm how many. Although it is uncertain how long the initial hunger strike lasts, IWOC announces that the strike begins again on September 14, this time joined by a third prisoner, Matt Hinkston.

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Food Strike at Baraga Correctional Facility, Michigan

December 27-28, 2016: About 80 prisoners at Baraga Correctional Facility in Michigan refused to go to the chow hall during meal time for at least two days in order to protest the quality and the quantity of food served to them by private contractor Trinity Services Group.

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2016 National Prison Strike

September 9, 2016: The strike called for and supported by multiple prisoner and support organizations kicks off on the 45th anniversary of the Attica Uprising. Dozens of facilities experience some kind of disturbance or lockdown. Accurate numbers are difficult to gather because of uncooperative prison staff, but between 20,000 and 60,000 prisoners participate or are effected.

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Michigan Food Strike Spreads to Cotton Correctional Facility, Michigan

April 12, 2016: The food strike started on 3/20 spreads to a third facility in Michigan with at least 660 prisoners refusing meals at Cotton, as reported by the prison administration.

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Michigan Food Strike Spreads to Chippewa Correctional Facility, Michigan

March 26, 2016: The food strike started on 3/20 spreads to a second facility with at least 800 prisoners refusing meals at Chippewa, as reported by the prison administration.

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Michigan Food Strike Begins at Kinross Correctional Facility, Michigan

March 20-21, 2016: Prisoners organize a food strike to protest poor food quality by the privatized food contractor Trinity Services Group just eight months after Trinity takes over the role from Aramark Correctional Services. According to a prisoner at Kinross who participated in the events, the protests are also a demonstration of prisoner unity. According to prison administration, at least 1,000 of the prison’s 1,300 prisoners participate.

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Food Strike at Regina Provincial Correctional Centre, Saskatchewan

January 7, 2016: Between 100 and 150 prisoners at Regina Provincial Correctional Centre in Saskatchewan refused meals for 24 hours to protest the quality of food they were being served by a private company called Compass Group of Canada.

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