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Hunger Strike at El Paso Processing Center, Texas

October, 2019 – ongoing: Three prisoners at the ICE-operated El Paso Processing Center began hunger strikes within the previous two months demanding their freedom and protesting denial of due process. ICE agents are force-feeding them using tubes forced in the nose and down to the stomach.

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Hunger Strike at El Paso ICE Processing Center, Texas

July 8, 2019: At least four prisoners at ICE Facility in Texas went on hunger strike seeking bonds to be free while appealing deportation orders. They were stuck in detention in as long as fifteen months.

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Hunger Strike at El Paso Processing Center, Texas

January 1, 2019 (exact start date unknown) – ongoing: As many as 30 immigrant detainees at the ICE-operated facility went on hunger strike over the course of a month, with an unknown number remaining on strike and at least nine of them being force-fed. They are joined by 4 detainees on hunger strike at other ICE facilities in the U.S.–in Miami, Phoenix, San Diego and San Francisco.

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