Yakima County Jail, Yakima, Washington
October 31, 2019

Five prisoners were charged with rioting at Yakima County Jail after a fight broke out with two correctional officers.

The incident began on Halloween around 7:20pm when a prisoner refused to allow a guard into his cell during head count. According to an affidavit filed by sheriff’s deputies, the prisoner then punched the guard in the head causing the guard to stumble back into the day room. Four other prisoners then joined the attack.

When a second officer responded to the incident he was also attacked by the group.

During the fight, one officer’s stun gun fell out of it’s holster and onto the ground. As more officers arrived to end the fight, one prisoner attempted to fire the stun gun at them, but missed.

Officers subdued the five prisoners, spraying one with mace, according to the affidavit. Two officers were checked at a local hospital after the incident.


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Article published November 12, 2019.

Header Photo Source: Yakima Herald