Hunger Strike at Scotland Correctional Institution, North Carolina

Hunger Strike at Scotland Correctional Institution, North Carolina

Scotland Correctional Institution, Scotland County, North Carolina
July 31, 2019-end date unknown

According to the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC), prisoners participated in a hunger strike in protest of arbitrary denial of recreation time and lack of access to notaries for legal work. According to a letter from a hunger striking prisoner obtained by Perilous, the hunger strike involved 9 prisoners.

A letter from an anonymous hunger striker received by IWOC stated that negotiations with the prison administration had been partially successful as of August 11, 2019. The striker wrote,

“Captain Henderson has been in the process of addressing our complaints. She let it be known that it wouldn’t be done overnight, but the recreation was rectified immediately, we’re still waiting to hear from her on the phone calls which must be provided once every 90 days. They are obviously not complying with their own policies and procedures. This negligence on behalf of the prison staff is nothing new and there’s still a mile to walk but with the support of ya’ll on the outside we don’t have to walk the mile alone.”

The North Carolina Department of Corrections did not respond to a request for comment.



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Article published: 8/17/19

Header photo source: WPDE