Attack on Guards and Escape From Transport Bus, Georgia

Attack on Guards and Escape From Transport Bus, Georgia

Georgia Department of Corrections Transport, Georgia
June 13, 2017

Two inmates escaped from a transport bus after overpowering a guard and using his gun to fatally shoot both prison guards on the bus. The two inmates were being transferred from Hancock State Prison to Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison along with 31 other inmates when they were able to breach the front of the bus and disarm one guard of his .40 caliber Glock. One of the inmates then used the gun to shoot both guards on the bus, killing both. The two inmates then kicked out a panel of glass and fled from the bus.

A nationwide manhunt took place to recapture the two escapees. While on the run, the two men allegedly stole five vehicles and robbed two homes. After about 60 hours on the run, the two escapees led police on a high-speed chase ending in a crash of the vehicle and a shootout with police. The two then fled through the woods before being held at gunpoint by two citizens until the police to arrived.


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