Hunger Strike at Georgia Diagnostic and Classification State Prison

Hunger Strike at Georgia Diagnostic and Classification State Prison

Georgia Diagnostic and Classification State Prison, Butts County, Georgia
June 10-July 18, 2012

Ten inmates initiated a hunger strike in response to a number of grievances. These included poor medical care, visitation issues, lack of phone calls and exercise, and access to commissary. Many of the hunger strikers were moved to Georgia Diagnostic and Classification as a result of their involvement in the 2010 work stoppages that took place throughout the state that ended in brutal beatings of many inmates. Since being transferred, families of the prisoners say they have been retaliated against and kept in solitary confinement, some for over 18 months.

When asked about the grievances, one Department of Corrections spokesperson stated that the hunger strikers were not being kept in solitary confinement. Further, they stated they did not plan to make any changes at the prison in response to the hunger strike.

Multiple solidarity actions took place outside of the prison throughout the duration of the hunger strike including one action where about 40 people protested at the Georgia governor’s office.

Most of the hunger strikers resumed meals on July 10, though at least two were still on hunger strike July 18.


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